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Hello David! I'm new here on Rumble and I saw one of your videos on Rumble's youtube channel, plus I saw some of your answers on the forum.
I know that many people are asking the same thing, but could I have the file you are sending through e-mail? And is there a possibility to avoid writing my mail here and contact you somewhere alse?
Hello Vane22april. I always suggest that people speak directly with the person who referred them to Rumble. The document that you refer to hasn't been available for a long time. Good luck :)
Hello David,
I am a new Rumble member. Would you mind if I ask you a question?
+ Could you email me How to earn money from Rumble by posting videos?
My email:

Thank you for your considering on my post
Hi David
i am first started with Rumble i need to know to make money with this so please lead me to clear know about it

Thank you