YouTube views and earnings is stuck at 20th of March

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I'm curious. Would our estimated earnings under our account reflect only what Rumble is showing, or reflect what the actual earnings should be based on the accurate numbers from YouTube?
If you check for your videos on Youtube, you will see that the counter still works fine there. There is an obvious lag on the Rumble site with respect to views on Rumble as well as Youtube. Assuming that this will be corrected, it seems safe to say that the earnings will be corrected at the same time, although I'm just guessing. I am just a content creator myself.

For the newbies on here, the earnings are delayed but they do come through. It is all real.
same yesterday my video approve they views in
yesterday 16 November rumble views 1950 no earnings
last 10 days YouTube views is more than 10000 but not shows in rumble and no earning

my last earnings and views post date on rumble is 3 November 2016.

rumble earnings stuck at 3 November
YouTube earning and views stuck at 3 November

i feel 4 November to still date i feel i am lost my rumble and YouTube both earnings .

last 3 Days my 2 videos is selected for front page for profit sharing.

i am send email to support 2 times but not response
I'm expecting that the views will suddenly be updated and we will see the earnings jump. I don't think there is any danger that we are actually losing the earnings. Just my guess....
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