Youtube Stats


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I remember it was this time of year when they made a HUGE adjustment and everyone lost money on their estimated payouts (I lost a couple hundred dollars right before Christmas). Maybe this is just a really bad time of year....but to be over a month behind is sort of crazy!
Uh-Oh..hope it isn't that. None of us can afford to lose $$$ with those Christmas bills coming Let's hope it updates soon...


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same here, they always seem odd when seeing "1 view". Guess this is the same on rumble. I had asked, going off topic a bit, about "view and plays". I am seeing plenty of views, but not plays. My thoughts are with some ads being quite long, with the option to "skip", we are losing cash from those opting to skip an ad :-(


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I dont have any stats new super curious what to expect?. Will youtube vids that are claimed by rumble on our own channels included in the stats ad well?