YouTube Revenue Not Updating In Rumble Analytics


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Youtube stats are a mess, nothing adds up. :( The graph shows different amount to the chart! Which must be a problem with Rumble not YouTube! I'm also missing half a million views and yes they are Rumble YouTube views not my own. I'm hopeful that the view count corrects itself again, but I wish it would be more up to date .


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I am confused which category i should choose whenever i upload all my videos. there are 4 options to choose when i ready to submit.
Since i also uploading in youtube, metacafe and daily motion. Please advise me which category i shuld click during submitting all my future videos. Thanks.
yes i just joined the site dont know but i try to read this forum articles


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Still don't see numbers from Dec 19 - Dec 31 2018 from you tube. My analytics shows Zero but I also saw a notice on YouTube about some issues with numbers in Dec. Hoping THATS why I don't see any data.