Youtube Purge, Rumble Surge


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A lot of YouTubers and now x-YouTubers are planning on moving their entire catalogs to rumble and I think that this should be encouraged but also a share campaign should run beside this and in conjunction. Both to support these independent content creators and for Rumble to gain some free ground. An entire world of viewership is now displaced.

P.S. Everyone is looking for a quality live streaming alternative to youtube. streaming and chat would have a massive impact right now. Just my two cents.


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As a current YouTuber who would love to see the tech oligarchs brought to their knees, it's vital for me to have live streaming and chat for my show. With that said, I do upload smaller videos as well, so I've begun uploading those videos over to Rumble.

If I can even get a third of the support I currently have on YouTube (I'm at about 170 subs and 300+ watch hours) and Rumble gets set up for live stream with chat, I'll dump YouTube permanently. My person to person interaction for my channel Brian Eats New Hampshire is extremely important to me and simple uploaded videos don't achieve that.

While I patiently wait and attempt to make this transition, I'd love to have your support for my channel here at Rumble, Brian Eats New Hampshire.