Youtube Demonetized my cat video which rumble uploaded to their channel

My most viewed video on youtube got demonotized which is a cat video, it's really frustrating because i'm losing a lot of revenue due to this. just wondering if anyone else have had their video demonotized ?


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Hey Ultra,

It's possible YouTube already started demonetizing your content due to their new rules set to take effect soon.

How many subs do you have right now?
I have 1,032 subs. btw i'm not talking about content on my channel. the video in question was uploaded by rumble on their Youtube channel :
. Thanks


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Hey Ultra,

I understand now, I thought your copy of the video was demonetized.

Since you already sent us an email via support about this we will continue the conversation there, as this is not an issue currently affecting the community at large.

I will keep you updated.
I can see other videos on rumble's YouTube channel that have been demonotized. So if anyone is not making any money from their YouTube views it's because your video has been demonotized by youtube. Thanks


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I would think that YouTube videos uploaded on rumbles viral YouTube page would be safe because rumble has many subscribers and views. However, if a copy of that video is playing on your personal YouTube page I bet it will be de- monetized there if it hasn't got the required views and subs. Correct me if I'm wrong about that.
Actually my video on Rumble's Youtube channel has been Demonotized for a few weeks now, even before Youtube's announcement in regards to the new requirements. if videos on my own personal channel were Demonotized i can understand, because Youtube doesn't care about the small channels which is obvious. Thanks


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So does this mean that from this point on if one of our videos is shared on rumbles viral YouTube channel that unless we get at least 10,000 views on that video we receive no revenue? That's a huge change since many of us rarely break the 2000-3000 view threshold. I have only one video that got over 100,000 views...
No, Rumble Viral channel on YouTube easily meets the new requirements. but youtube will still demonotize videos which they think are innapropriate
@ultrahd, though not with Rumble i had the same thing happen with a video of mine hosted on a 3rd party YouTube channel. It is strange that YouTube will demonetize content-id claimed content when the content owner/rights manager has so little control over the usage of their content.
Hey ! Everyone I have uploaded many videos on YouTube. Most of the videos got above 100k views, even in millions.
Also I have uploaded one 5 days ago n got above $30 for just 14k views. So that's not right that you must have 10k views to get the revenue.
What I learnt from all this is that the algorithm is looking for any information which is not making sense or irrelevant for advertisment.
So, I choose my title and description also the tags very carefully. I have noticed that when I write something which is in my mind as a story in the description then I always get that yellow sign. So what I do is I just delete some part of it and wait for 5 min to check if that yellow changed to green.
I make several changes untill unless I get green sign.
Yes it is possible to change that yellow to green.
Also keep in mind that u don't void any ToC of youtube. I recommend you to read it carefully before making any changes that I said.

Final decision is yours I just told u a way.


Forgot to mention that it is not yet claimed by Rumble yet. So, when it will get claimed by Rumble I will be able to give you the exact answer if the CPM has came down or not.

Hope that will help us understand the situation more clearly.
These are new regulations changes on YT's side. Starting from February, Youtube won't allow 'small' creators to monetize their videos. The reason you didn't receive this e-mail, is probably because, you are not part of the group of 'small creators', meaning you have enough subscribers/views.