YouTube changing eligibility requirement for monetization


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I'm glad to be on Rumble for years now and great that they monotized my YouTube videos too. Hope this can continue.


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one week ago i uploaded my first video. how long do they need to approve it?
It doesn't take a long time. Most of my videos were approved within a week. But I don't know what the average time is when it will be approved. Also depends if it's a full distribution or a limited distribution (the last one take a longer time in my experience)
YouTube is DEAD just sayin... If i have anything to do with their death then so be it... When they deleted me i was making $1000+ a day with over 10K videos on over 35+ channels... 100's of millions of views 250K+ subs, etc... I thought i was too big to fail, etc. etc... Being who i am on the net, my famous clients... doesn't matter they killed years of hard work & creative marketing YEARS ahead of it's time. I had over 15,000 police officers subscribed to my groups of channels that supported & help train LEO's all over the world.

My best day i made $5800 in 22 hours with 1 video on 3 channels... That was when the data that we see as 'Content Creators' was the real data... It is only a fraction of the real numbers that are revealed now, it's sad... All the creators that will never be, the ones that are fucked now... The fans what about the loyal die hard fans. Out of the fire Rumble will rise it will be HUGE i promise all of you that, if we can agree on the terms of a agreement between my company, my famous clients & Rumble oh yeah... Anyways, ALL if you have not seen my other posts within this forum i would suggest you consider checking them out, peace! I gotta get back to work!