YouTube changing eligibility requirement for monetization


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one week ago i uploaded my first video. how long do they need to approve it?
It doesn't take a long time. Most of my videos were approved within a week. But I don't know what the average time is when it will be approved. Also depends if it's a full distribution or a limited distribution (the last one take a longer time in my experience)


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Did anyone else get an email from Youtube?
Subject: : Some inspiration to keep you in the fast lane!": and then goes on to say "Thank you to everyone who made videos, tweeted, and reached out to YouTube during this difficult time. Your support means more than you realize. All of us working here at YouTube are very grateful for this amazing community. "

IMO youtube sounds worried. Destroying the small creators and then trying to "inspire" us to stay? I hear about a lot of creators jumping ship and coming here. That's good for Rumble!


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@ray1876 @winkeldinkel
I hope you realize, that what YT is thanking for, are the messages, tweets and videos, about the shooting form the YT headquarter about 2 days ago, and not about the decission they took. :)
There was a lot of outrage immediately following the demonetization of thousands of accounts in February. How this affected a person who was clearly mentally unstable to begin with is something that didn't even occur to them. You can bet they have tightened their security dramatically since last weeks incident.
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The nice thing is that people can still have their YouTube channel AND Rumble. You don't have to give anything up to try being successful here. But there isn't a lot to be gained from uploading to YouTube for most of us. It's hardly worth the effort.
If Rumble can provide us with copyright free music, I'm not sure I'll have any reason to even use my YT channel.
I've made almost 500x the earnings on Rumble as YouTube.