Yours eCPMs


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Looks like you just found a bug. For example, it says:

Video Plays: 419
eCPM: $0.24
Total Earnings: $0.92

The math is wrong in this. I will have our tech team look into this immediately.
@chrisrumble maybe they could have a look at my problem too, that I tried to find an answer for for the last two weeks. My 400k views are still moving dates! They should have been added last October. With a eCPM of $0.00!!! I contacted support, but never got an answer.


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Thanks @chrisrumble!

I've noticed a while ago, that every time I open the Stats page, it shows a much higher eCPM and slightly higher earnings, then, when it finishes loading, it goes down to the very low number.
Those numbers change every day, but today they are:

eCPM: $2.63
Total Earnings: $1.17


That is totally correct. When you open the page, the numbers shown are Rumble and YT together. When the page finishes loading, you will only see the Rumble numbers. You can check this, if you select All Platforms on the left of the page. You will see that it fits ;)


It depends on which period your in. If it is only the current or last day, it is still correct, because YT numbers als 3 days late. If it is the standard current month, then it may be a BUG.
YouTube is still at $0 for me. With 500k views keep moving days, since October! I wish someone would help and answer my email.


My YT eCPM is $0.05, and I really thought that this revenue would be higher: Only earned just over $4.60 with 111k YT views!


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Third party views come in when your video is about six months old. Roughly.
It's the sites like AOL, Yahoo, MSN etc.
You only get those on videos that received full promotion, not limited distribution.
Google search your title to see what sites picked up your video and then watch for earnings after 23-26 weeks. They can amount to considerable income. They don't necessarily relate to Rumble or YouTube views. They can be much higher or much lower.
I've made a document that shows what I've learned so far. I'd be happy to email it to you.
Others may have links that address your concerns but getting full promotion on your videos is crucial to making the most money here. There is definitely some science behind getting approval.
I only know what works for me but I'm happy to share.
Hi David, I keep seeing posts about this document you made, could you send it to me please? I’m new here and am finding it really difficult to figure things out. Thank you so much!