Yours eCPMs


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I don't have any videos licensed for YouTube, they are all Rumble Player except for Two and my eCPM is $2.12 right now but it fluctuates. It was over $2.50 this morning.


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We have seen a sharp decline in YouTube CPM's this month. This is something we don't control.

As for Rumble, its staying strong :) Time to get all your views on Rumble!


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I changed to YouTube and it was 0.23.
Rumble views and third party views are always where the money is at. :)


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@chrisrumble I understand that the YouTube eCPM is always low in January! Always has been, BUT since the 22nd it's non existence! No eCPM at all, and you can't tell me that for over 300k views there is not even a cent payout?


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Hi all, can i just enquire when will the views from 3rd party come in? my video was uploaded in SEP 2016, as of now i still have "Not Available" in my 3 main 3rd parties... Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo... though im pretty sure i saw my video in MSN and somewhere before.

pls advise!


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My video currently has 520k views.

My CPM is $3.22, highest it got to was like $4.09, lowest was when I first uploaded the video.

I have been currently averaging 6k views a day however the past 2-3 days that has fallen to 3k


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My third party payouts have not been precisely six months but my first three were close to that. One of them was just over 5 months. Now, we're around 7 months behind. It's definitely not set in stone.
I actually don't care about a little delay much. It will all average out, I assume.