Your Favorite, Top, and Surprise Videos on Rumble

Hey Guys,

I thought it would be fun to have a place to share some of our videos. It's an opportunity to see what others have done and to fluff our own feathers a bit. Seeing what worked and what doesn't is a good tool for uploading successful videos in the future. Here's what I want to see:

1. Your Favorite Video (regardless of views)
2. Your Top Video (most views)
3. Your Surprise Video (either surprised that it went viral or surprised it didn't)

Here are mine:
1. I just love the face when he realizes he's in trouble -
2. This was an awesome ride and I did not expect it at all, my first rumble video -
3. I totally thought this video of my son's first year would kill it, but the internet disagreed -

Chime in with your videos!



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@bacckstop has a pretty amazing video

My top video is one of these two and

it is so funny because I saw your video of the cute baby falling over and realized I had a similar clip. I never would have uploaded it if I hadn't seen yours do so well lol. Here is that one:
and finally I am surprised this one hasn't been picked up yet because many people on my youtube channel like it the best:




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I only have three videos on Rumble.... :) But I'll give it a try...:)
1. My favorit video is my last one, it is still pending, so it has not a lot of views:
2. Most views:
3. A big surprise was my first video: I was asked to upload this video by Rumble, so I did it to see what will happen with it. Later on it was shown on different platforms and I earned my first money. That was a nice surprise.

I made a lot more videos on Vimeo:
Maybe you like to watch them. (I don't earn money on Vimeo, so you can watch them for free :))
My favorite video: has to be the one that made the profession I did for 15 look as stupid as possible and I was the one recording it.

Most views: My daughter having a meltdown with the Claw Game

Surprised that this video never went anywhere since my marriage was extremely on the edge. Had I known it would be a dud, I wouldn't have done it considering I'm still hearing about it.
The internet is an odd thing. It's impossible to predict and sometimes, when you think you have a huge hit, it totally bombs.

@brenmichelle I love the dog and little girl (assuming) you have. Very cute and fun.

@cseh_17 I saw your top video and the dog playing fetch off rumble without knowing they were yours, so good on you there.

@BenW you've got some beautiful stuff here. Did you shoot it all yourself?

@tolerantxero great meltdown video and I want one of those claw toys for myself :)

Thanks for the posts. You've got some great stuff and some real surprises. Keep it up!



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@ThrowbackHomeVideos Thank you! Yes I did shoot it all by myself. I made the music in the last two videos as well. Your muscle video is great and funny.
@brenmichelle. Your hide and seek is fun to watch. I thought the dog would find her your daughter immediately but he didn't.. :)
@cseh_17 Your truck video is awesome.
@tolerantxero I like your claw game video and your "are birds scared of love" is very funny.
Keep up the good work fellow Rumblers!

@tolerantxero, I know! It was cool and sucked at the same time because it was pirated and not licenced by Rumble. Two other FB pirate copies got more than 40,000,000 views combined before they stopped. It was cool yo see it get so popular but too bad none of it could be monetized.