You Tube question


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I would like to know what my content limit is. I have been with YT for several years, never earned that much, but a few quid. As you are probably aware YT have done the dirty on a large amount of the smaller creators who already have a tough time earning a crust, now they get nothing. So, would I be allowed to produce a video explaining my feelings about this and that YT can go and f**** themselves for sh*****ing on the small guy? Thanks.


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Know the feeling, we had just started up YT, then I found rumble! Now I have the rumble bug as I'm slightly obsessed.... YT really annoyed me for doing that it's made it impossible for beginners or small creators to make money like you mentioned... hope you get an answer on the video


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Yeah, me to love rumble its great although, I do ok on youtube also, but not as well as rumble hey I can't complain, don't think it is very fair though for the people who have not made the cut ...... not on that.