Yahoo viral video

Just out of curiousity, has anyone got a video to go viral on yahoo, and if so, do they pay out well?
I have never had much luck with yahoo, but today I had a video hit hard with just about 1
Million views in 24 hours :)
Just wondering if anyone has had any experience?


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It doesn't mean you have no views, because I have been paid for views from yahoo, but don't know how many view's it was for because it was for a video which does not have any count on the yahoo site' all I can think of is the older videos many not have shown view count's then? but they have since changed it .
Ahh, that would make sense. I only have videos on yahoo from the past 2 months and they have views so your probably right. I doubt a video on yahoo wouldn’t generate a single view.


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Thank you @morganmitchell for making us aware of this. I just went through some of my videos and some of them gone viral too on yahoo. Defiantly will keep an eye on this as well, as I never really had a good payout from yahoo before.


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If you get a message saying your video was approved for profit sharing and promotion then third party platforms will likely use it. Limited distribution means they will not.
You can check each video's exposure by doing a YouTube search. It will appear on Rumble Viral YouTube if it received profit sharing (you can see the view count too). You can also google the title to see where it appears (MSN, Yahoo, AOL etc)