World No. 1 trophy insole rumble logo, maple leaves red pride and pride of canada


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World No. 1 trophy insole rumble logo, maple leaves red pride and pride of canada
world number 1 trophy rumble logo, red maple leaf pride and pride of canada, i have customized maple leaf, noble traditional culture of canada for spirit child, logo, block cup base the solid quadrilateral is basically completed by me, I'm not a brand designer and not a rumble marketing officer, nor have I made any money off the site yet, hence the objectivity are here, and this is my personal sincerity to rumble, is it my somewhat uplifting product defense argument, the rumble logo trophy can be modest in size, but it's full of Meaning, traditional culture, here scientific logic has, a hint of spiritual mystique there, seems to have an invisible string for me this lucky combination and it seems to be lucky with both rumble, rumble. com may not be a web in the top of Canada, may not have a good foundation and finance for example, it's okay, you should be proud of Canada's cultural tradition, noble pride maple leaf Red is mounted on the national flag of canada as the motivation to promote more, it seems that you are doing well, please continue to strive to confirm that rumble itself is always changing and it will be good if rumble has the encouragement, encouragement from the government of Canada, for example and from other good backgrounds, from other good sources of repentance for example ... everything can happen ... this is an individual and a citizen's perspective Vietnam is far from canada on the other side of the hemisphere, I may be poor in knowledge, maybe weak financially, but I am not weak in my honesty, through this product at least I have the love of you, more if you succeed, I will be known to the rumble fans more and more will be admired by many Canadians, I do not know the foreign language everything For you guys, with rumble I have to use the translation software with the garaxy s6, there will be errors, I hope to forgive me in the end hello and please join me.