Withdrawing to Payoneer

Hello everyone, many of us on this service do not withdraw money through paypal, but through payoneer. This is due to some aspects, such as for example the fact that paypal in the CIS countries does not work, and many others. So, Rumble himself pays the money as we all know on average on Fridays. For example, I received my last payment on Friday at 21:41 by local time, and almost immediately put it on a withdrawal to payoneer. The Payoneer system does not make payments on weekends, which is extremely inconvenient. Since they have their own payments carried out within 5 working days. That is 2 days off + - 5 working days. This is another week to all expectations existing on the service. A little is not convenient gentlemen (

Of course, I think that this is not a fatal problem, it is no a Rumble problem, but still, quite a bit is not pleasant (

This is just my review, the last time I received a payment at 7:12 in the morning, and at 7:50 am the payoneer had already paid me a card. So what do you recall what would you know for the future.