Why use Rumble?


Head of the Support Team
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Rumble is the best way to generate as much revenue as possible from the video content that you’ve created. With our robust technology platform and vast network of partners, Rumble makes the process of uploading and distributing videos simple and enables the creator to maximize viewership and earnings.

Currently we have the highest payout ratio for monetized views in the whole industry.
Normally, as a content creator; deciding between multiple agreements with multiple parties may work against you, not only because you need to respond to offers immediately, you must also review the terms and conditions of multiple companies at the same time. This is a time consuming process for creators that Rumble has made extremely simple.

For example, imagine you give your video content rights to Company A and Company B, and they offer the same distribution service. This will only lower the value of your video and result in lower revenues. Major publishers will always work with the company offering the better deal, and both companies will try to underbid each other with your content in order to get it published. Currently companies either distribute or host your content, only Rumble does both while at the same time giving you a higher revenue than any other licensing company.

Simply, you want your rights management to be exclusive so there is no competition in pricing between Company A and Company B. Rumble will work very hard to get your videos distributed to the best publishers, and get as many people as possible to watch them; we do the leg work and we have an amazing team of professionals that will make sure you are being represented to get the best deal.

We believe in content creators and video makers, and we work very hard to make them successful, because it directly translates into Rumble becoming the best video platform, with the greatest content, made for and by people just like you.