Why isn't my video viewed and will it be monetized?

I have uploaded a video in my channel but is not getting view or earning.
The video was checked and has now the status "Live".
I only granting a non-exclusive license to access my Content through the Rumble Video Player.
Will this video be monetized?
You uploaded it today I see, so it's to early to say if it's getting views or earnings. On this page you will find the different kind of licenses: https://rumble.com/s/terms.html

This is a part of that page about the non- exlusive licence:
Rumble Player: You retain full control and all rights to your video. You are only granting a non-exclusive license to access your Content through the Rumble Video Player, and to use, reproduce, distribute, display and perform such Content as permitted through the functionality of the Rumble video player. Rumble will be obligated to pay you 60% of the Net Earnings collected from advertisements within the Rumble Video Player.
I have read the rules.
Why then my other video has gained more than 48 thousand views and earned only 4 cents?
Did you only upload the video here on Rumble? If not than it is possible that the views were made elsewhere and before you started here on Rumble.
You can't earn money of videos that weren't monetized by Rumble. On your Stats and Analytics page you can find on which views you earned some cents (you can filter by platform/ video/ day etc.)