Who do I contact if someone is wanting to use my video (on tv)?


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Hi, do I contact Rumble through support@rumble.com ? I'm worried they wont respond to the people requesting to show my video quickly enough because I've been sending questions to that email for days and I've had no response. Is this the best way to do it when someone wants to use/show my videos or is there a better way to contact rumble. If I need to send an email to the above addie, what title should I put in the subject line to attract attention for an immediate response?


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Hi Rebecca,

I've forwarded your request to licensing@rumble.com, they will make sure to get the deal that will benefit you the most and work with the legal side of licensing your videos to a third party.

I also show all your email requests have been answered within one business day, make sure our emails aren't getting sent to your spam by mistake.

Let me know if you need further help.


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Rebecca, I've had such offers through Rumble and also through my own YouTube channel. In my case, there was a huge difference in revenue. I made peanuts on the deal that I negotiated on my own.
Good luck!