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Wondering.... moved over to rumble to boycott You Tube \ Google censorship, but I went to watch a video... benign as heck- something About a train in Bangladesh and it is restricted? WTF?

Says I need to check my Whitelist/Blacklist.

What is that and where is it and why do I have to do that and is this going to happen every time?

wanting to support this site, but.....


Hi RickM,

When you go here to manage your channels: https://rumble.com/account/channel/listing

You will see an option for restrictions, whitelist allows you to show videos only on that domain and blacklist shows your videos everywhere but in the domains you add there.

You set the restrictions for your own videos.
Unfortunately it sounds like this is out of the control of the member trying to watch the clip and totally dependent on the person posting the video knowing they have to check a box for anyone to see it? This is going to turn into making the site pretty much unusable until the posters learn how to post correctly... Why would they even bother to post if everyone is Blacklisted by default? Am I missing something? I am going to step back and see if this gets addressed, otherwise I find myself wasting my time trying to view the clips. Thanks