Where can I find more information about Limited Distribution?

When someone contacted me about one of my videos, I signed up and added it. Then I added a 2nd video and it got "limited distribution". I didn't know what that meant and clicked, thinking I would get more information... but I didn't. Last week, I noticed that particular video was now claimed on YouTube by Rumble... but, quite frankly, giving up 10% of my income there without Rumble sharing the video isn't something I would do... as it doesn't get any extra exposure from Rumble, it appears. I want to read about the differences and figure this out. I sent an email to support, but never got a response.
Thank you.


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I think by clicking the link in the email you signed a binding contract. I know that sucks, i got confused at this at first too. The rmail should have said "If you wish to accept Limited Distribution management by Rumble, please follow the link below".
In the future, dont click the link if you think ur video has potential. Maybe tweek it a bit think of a better title or description and try uploading it again later.
With limited distribution they dont share it on youtube and other big sites, but it can still make money. I made $30 with a limited distribution this weekend ao that was a nice surprise. If your video does well with limited distribution it can be upgraded and shared.


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Hi Mommy2TwoBoys,

I replied to your email on July 6th, I will send you another email to respond to your inquiry again.


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Hey @Ab2rown,

It's not clicking on the email that binds you to an agreement, that step is taken when you submit your video and select a license, the license agreement is what bind you and Rumble.

Clicking on the link in the email works to let us know you are ok with a limited distribution level just in case you are not and chose to do all the distribution by yourself.
And still no real idea on how this works! What happens if you don't click limited distribution? This is a forum where people go to find answers and this answer sucks my ass! How about putting a detailed list of exactly happens when the uploader does this or doesn't do that? Maybe a step-by-step explanation on how to make the MOST money from their vids?! When i click on limited distribution who is doing the distributing? I uploaded a vid and did not click LD until maybe 2 months later when i looked and saw that it wasn't on Microsoft when my first vid was. So like an idiot i clicked LD. And it still is not on Microsoft. MS is where i got the most views for my first vid so of course i want ALL my vids on MS. But again no explanation on how to get it there! And i know i'm not the only uploader wondering how this works!
From my experience, limited does not go to MSN Yahoo, etc. But it often goes on another Rumble youtube channel. I always accept limited because, while it's often not much, it does seem to outperform my youtube channel alone, even with 10% being taken. A few of my limited have done better than expected, one has 298,000 on the Rumble.com youtube (not Rumble Viral). If you upload a lot, I think it is worth it, but if you don't upload a lot it might not be worth it. Hope this helps a little.
Oh, and if you don't click Limited Distribution, your video is basically left alone for you do do what you want. I don't think any claim is taken on your video. I think you can still delete it at that point.


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adding to this, Limited distribution means that your video has been selected for distribution on Rumble.com and Rumble’s YouTube channel. We will also make the video available to all partners on a request basis, and we will promote the video on non-specialized platforms such as Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Other sites and partners can also come to Rumble to choose your video a la cart to showcase in their sites.