When should we expect earnings update?


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Rumble earnings will usually update as the Rumble player views accumulate. They can show up every hour at 20 minutes to the hour. Occasionally they go at two hours between updates, but you may not see any change if you only have a few videos on your channel. This is ONLY for Rumble player views. Lately, mine has been extremely low, even with 750 videos on my channel.
YouTube earnings are updated in a more random way at about 3-4 weeks between updates. The last one was March 1st, so we will likely see them soon. You can look at stats and analytics to see how up to date the YouTube earnings are. Set your filter to YouTube only and it shows the views that you are credited for. There is a delay of about a week on that even after the updates.
Third party earnings (Yahoo, AOL) come early in the month in most cases. They lag about 8 months behind the video upload date. We saw those on March 6th. If you have a video that is 8 months old, you may see some earnings in a week or so.
None of this is completely consistent because payments to Rumble can be irregular. But that's a rough idea.
Look at transactions to see what the earnings are for if you get an increase in your cashout total.
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