When I send people to the video on Rumble.com the view is not recorded


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I can see it's visible now till the 20th, but there is a gap between the 14 and the 20th, with a eCPM of $0.00


As I see, recently uploaded videos, have a BUG, and the views don't show up. Neither do the ones from YT nor the ones from Rumble.


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YT views just showed up on my video that got full promotion and was added to their viral channel three days ago and I'm starting to see some Rumble views now. Still no change on the ones I mentioned where the embedded link was posted on Facebook.


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@dnathan71 When your video is about 6 months old, you will see earnings and views from AOL, Yahoo and MSN plus a few others. It's generally more than Rumble and YouTube for my videos. You don't get these for limited distribution.