When I send people to the video on Rumble.com the view is not recorded


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I thought that the one way to have a view recorded was to send people to the video on Rumble, but they aren't registering. I put a simple link on Facebook that people are responding to, with no results. Is there any way to make this work?


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Hey Nathan,

I see all four of your videos have almost 370 thousand combined views, what's the number of people you've shared this with on Fb that are not being reported within that number?
Same problem here. I have 41 views on a video that was shared almost 150 times. Another video 57 views, 172 shares. Another 21 views, 66 shares. Another 136 views, 240 shares.. I could keep going.


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@Nathan - I checked it again this morning and it might be working. The one video I posted jumped from 15 views to 22 views. I'll keep tracking it. Thank you for your response! So I just need to copy the link into the FB status. It populates with the splash-screen. Then when clicked it opens a new window to the Rumble page. I will keep tracking, but it looks like that should/will count. If this test works I'm going hog wild.

@MissSunshine13 - Were you using the same technique?
I haven't personally shared my own Rumble videos on FB, but I keep finding them dog FB pages. They're using the embedded link, I clicked on one that a shih tzu page shared and it brought me to the video on Rumble. That's why I don't understand the discrepancy.

And there's more to my issue as well. The first video I mentioned with 41 views and 150 shares had 140 likes on just one particular embedded share. So you would think most of them viewed the video.. that's just one share. What about the views on all the other times they were shared.

Maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way and my math is incorrect but there seems to be a glitch or something. I noticed this weeks ago, I thought it was an IT issue but it hasn't changed.


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looks like i need to understand "embedding" and sharing onto fb. i find that if i send someone my user name to go check out my channel , it shows nothing and doesn't take them into rumble. What am i missing?
wish i had that many views between 4 videos....between 4 videos, 370 thousand views, whew nice


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Hey, thank you cdngreenwaterdiver. ;o) We're excited to add more. I just went to the video page and copied the URL. When I paste that into the status of a FB post it fills in. Then I delete the link and type in what I want to say. Verdict is still out on whether it works. I have one share and a handful of comments with only nine views. It may be that it inconsistently counts them. Even so, nobody matches Rumble for payout. Happy about that!!


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@dnathan71 Can you please post a title of your video. I'd like to check it out.

Also, you do know about third party payouts 5-6 months from upload? That's when the real money rolls in.
It still keeps happening on my videos. The newest culprit is a clip of my dogs fighting over a toy, it has 150 reactions on Facebook where someone embedded the link, but only 1 view is recorded.

I know a few hundred missing views isn't really going to change my revenue but it makes me nervous that this could potentially happen on a larger scale.
Yes, I think this should work. If not the name of the page is BuzzSharer Shih Tzus. I haven't asked them to share my videos, I only found it when I googled the name of one of my uploads and realized whenever I post something new they share the embedded link. I have no clue how they found my channel.


It was posted on April 15th at 12:45, the name is "Two cute pups fight over a toy". There are several more of mine that they've shared with the same discrepancy. My Rumble channel name is TwoCutePups.
I checked it out you're right something doesn't seem right and I did have the same suspicion with my videos, but mine get shared from other sides where I can't see the views to match them up with rumble views. It might just be that it takes a while to catch up. Maybe @Mario could set our mind at rest that it does catch up?


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I've got two videos that don't show any rumble views, but I know they had views. Is there a problem with updating the rumble views at the moment @Mario ??