When does correct YouTube revenue appear?

Exactly one week ago I was contacted by Rumble if I was interested in uploading a video they saw on my YouTube channel onto Rumble.com.
It got picked up extremely well and made it to the Rumble Viral page where it has over 107.000(!) views right at this very moment. Here at Rumble I'm very close to a thousand views.

Est. earning at this point are $3.97 for YouTube and $4.20 for Rumble.com.
I think it's very strange that one a page where I have way more than 100 times the views, my revenue is much lower, and to be honest: disappointing. We all hear the number of an average amount per 1000, but this is way lower then I expected to be. Any chance that this will go up soon?

Rumble Viral YouTubevideo:

Rumble link:


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Hi DoxiePom,

That's an excellent point, we always try to remind our creators that views on rumble will generate a much higher revenue than on youtube.
In this particular case, you can see how you have a higher ecpm with us than with youtube.

In rumble, every view is monetized, which is not the case with youtube.
Also, keep in mind there's a 2-3 day delay in views/eCpm to update in your dashboard.

Yes, but still; on my own YT channel I'm not even over 10.000 views on all my vids together and I made more $ then I did with +100k views.

Well, I'll just wait for a while :)


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Hi DoxiePom,
Normally it takes a few days for us to receive and validate YouTube reports. If you haven't seen your dashboard update your YouTube views in one to two weeks, please let us know.