When do earnings show up?

We need to know dates, when it was uploaded to YouTube, when it went to Rumble and if the massive amount of views were before or after Rumble picked it up.


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Your video only shows 4 days, so views gained before that won't be monetized. Unless you got those in the last 4 days? I do see you have a few thousand on Rumble viral though and those should show up within a week.
Ok, in that case, 4 days is not enough. For sure the 300k views are from before Rumble. @zalemam, I really hope you monetise your videos on YT too. It would be a shame to get nothing for 300k views...
I monetized my video before selling to Rumble. After I sold it to Rumble, Rumble put a copyright claim on my video. I also got an email from youtube saying I cannot monetize since Rumble owns it. When asked about this I was told I would get 90% of the ad revenue from my video, and 60% from other sources.
@zalemam it's not lost at all. Any earnings you had before rumble took over should be available in your adsense account unless. But I believe they have a cash out minimum of $100 whereas Rumble earnings, when they come in a few months, can be cashed out in any amount.
With YT it depends form the land your are from. In Germany, for example the first limit is 70€. Anyways, as you said, the before Rumble earnings will remain in your AdSense account.