What would you like to see on Rumble?


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Hi everyone,

I'm curious to see everyone's suggestions for Rumble. What is Rumble missing and how can we improve?
I'd like to see a timeline indicator for the time my cursor is hovering over. A thumbnail would be even nicer.
I'd like to be given a reason for why a video did not get monetized, so I can be more mindful of it in future videos.
I would like to be able to toggle the autoplay function. Also, if it does auto play, I'd like to see the current video title.
I saw the post saying categories are in the works, and i think that's great. I think search filters are always nice. And maybe find a way to make the search function try harder at finding videos similar to the searched words, like being forgiving about misspelling.
I'm not sure how to go about this one: I'd like for gamefaqs.com to allow rumble as a video source. This would allow me to leave youtube completely. I have asked about it there, but have got no response, https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/10-ask-the-mods/79003292 . Also, other site linking, like share to social media button with the video player, or export to rumble from twitch. But i understand these matters are not all rumble side issues.


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We need education classes to combat the system of public school indoctrination. Let's not just entertain. But, let us focus on educating the next generation. You do a good job educating in regards to politics. What about alternative data to compare with evolution, Global Warming, speed of light, etc. By having another set of data the students can compare and decide for themselves what is the truth. This gets the student involved to stimulate critical thinking, which has become a lost art. Rumble channel: what is truth or Truth University - data is better organized at truthu490.info
I agree that we need more tools to better organize my data. For example, on YouTube, I have playlists. For now, I will keep my website.
Would you have any interest in Educational Lecture videos? I teach at a community college and am providing videos for my Computer Technology online students (programming languages, HTML, Web Development and Networking), and I would love to use this (rather than those other guys) to host my videos! They obviously are not designed to combat public school indoctrination, but they are educational and I'm more than happy to provide a place to get all the knowledge out of the class (except the actual credits). :)