What would Joe do? [a hypothetical question]


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What would Joe do if some real journalist, walked right up to him, looked him in the eye, and asked, ''Hunter! Is that you in there]

I would love to see Joe's [?] reaction to that. Look at their pictures they look so much alike that I'm sure Hunter could pass for Joe.

Look how far Joe stays away from everyone during his rallies or townhalls, while still wearing a mask.


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What Joe should do is Drop Out and Turn himself in.
The FBI is probing whether purported Hunter Biden emails sprang from a Russian disinformation campaign.
Hunter Biden’s emails have been in the possession of the FBI’s top child pornography investigator Joshua Wilson since he subpoenaed them to a grand jury in December-2019—emails confirmed as belonging to Hunter Biden by his business associate Bevan Cooney. If Russia was really suspected as having anything at all to do with these emails, the FBI would be using its counterintelligence agents, and most certainly not its child porn experts.