What Options Best ? Video Management Or Non Exclusive

Hi All

What's the best option of the two choices Video Managment Or None Exclusive? what one do Rumble like to use the most?

I have primarily only used Video management but thought i would ask the community.

Thanks In Advance


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I only used video management. I don't know if it's the best option, but I like that option. It's has more excitement in it to see what happen.
For "None exclusive", your video has to be very good to be accepted.
That's why it is more easier to earn some cash with "Video Management". Anyway, if you are sure that your content is worth more, that you can just try to put it up on "Non Exclusive", but I need to warn you, that it can take up to months for it to be accepted.
Thanks cseh_17 i think i stick to Video management but Pending all the time killing me.I can understand with some videos but ones with 600+ views in first 24 hours still on Pending