What makes a Viral hit?


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I been trying to brainstorm on stuff has no bounds but to go viral. anyone notice what type of videos have that feel good vibe to them I'm open to here your opionion.
Look at the top videos on Rumble's Youtube channel. You'll see that they are almost all the top videos include babies, children, or animals. The others that have done well are life hacks and daredevilry. It is impossible to say what will work and what won't. My recommendation, if you are going to try and plan a viral video, is to be creative and unique, be honest (don't fake something when it was staged), and make it look good (since you have time to do so). Otherwise, always have a camera on you and be prepared for the real thing at a moments notice.


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My experience is: you can't will it to happen, it just does or it doesn't. There's no telling what the zeitgeist of the moment might be so just keep taking quality videos, put 'em up and hope for the best. Good luck!


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so much of baby and animals videos ... this might affect rumble's viewership ...
need more unique and different videos.
@vishdsrv it may. However, the way Rumble works is by supplying content to many distributors. They don't have a real significant viewership base yet, though that is probably their ultimate goal (to be both the supplier and main distributor). But since they merely supply our sold videos and pitch them to be hosted on other distributors sites means that it doesn't matter if the content is all dogs, cats, or babies since it's being viewed through other outlets and not just by Rumble viewers. It's a pretty decent model.

I encourage you to help bring more diversity to Rumble, it is much easier and common for people to have pets and babies to point cameras at. If you point a camera at them long enough they may do something viral. But capturing something viral in the world is very difficult but can yield great results. Capture a real UFO, or an exploding meteor, or bigfoot, or a drunk street dancing santa and then you may have captured something truly unique and viral.


Not the best topic to post this, but I just noticed that Rumble offers on their viral channel a nice BEST of the MONTH video, which I find a really nice idea!