What makes a video go 'Exclusive'?

Sometimes I wonder what the criteria is for videos to go 'Exclusive' instead of Limited Distribution.

2 Days ago, I uploaded a video which went live and Exclusive without going Rumbling.
On Rumble it now has 82 views, 0% virability and 2 shares.

Yesterday I uploaded a different video, which already had over 100 views, 2% virability and 183 shares before it even went Rumbling. Now I just received an email that it was approved for Limited Distribution. In my opinion that looks pretty strange, as it seems more popular then the other one.

Is there someone who can clarify this for me?


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Hi DoxiePom,

This is a two part question, and I'll do my best to clarify them:

The first thing to understand is the difference between the licensing types:

The license that has the potential to bring in the most in revenue for the creator is the Exclusive Video Management license, whereby Rumble.com will take total care of the distribution of your video across our network. This includes: YouTube, Rumble’s own website (Rumble.com) as well as our 3rd party partners such as MSN, Yahoo, AOL and others.
When you pick this option, you are asking Rumble to solely and exclusively represent your video and help promote it to as many broadcasters and online sites as possible. The more we promote and license this video, the more popular it becomes, and the more you can earn. If you have a really good video, this is by far the best option for you.

A second licensing option is the Video Management (excluding YouTube) license which is the same as the Exclusive Video Management license except the videos do not get distributed on our YouTube channels. You can manage your video account in YouTube independently from your Rumble account.

The third licensing option is the Rumble Player license. This option excludes YouTube and all 3rd party partners outside Rumble’s platform. The video is monetized on Rumble.com only and it is a non-exclusive license, meaning the creator can still manage their content on other media platforms on their own.

The second part of the question with regards to distribution levels can be divided like this:

Limited distribution means that your video has been selected for distribution on Rumble.com and Rumble’s YouTube channel. We will also make the video available to all partners on a request basis, and we will monetize the video on non-specialized platforms such as Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Basically other sites and partners come to Rumble to choose your video to showcase in their sites.

Full distribution includes all the benefits mentioned above plus Rumble’s more targeted YouTube channels and our more than 200 partners that include AOL, MSN and Yahoo! and others. Full distribution means that the video performed extremely well with our Rumble Rank and has passed all criteria for us to push it with full strength. This may translate into a much bigger audience and higher earnings. In this case we will proactively distribute your video to our partners, as opposed to the more passive approach Limited distribution takes.

I don't mean to hijack your post DoxiePom but I have two quick questions as well.

My content that got selected for exclusive full distribution has been on my YouTube channel for several years, I put the link when I uploaded it to Rumble but I'm not sure what I need to do now. Do I delete it from YouTube?

And lastly, that video I mentioned went from pending to live earlier today but when I look at my content it doesn't show up in the pending list, or the live list. The only place I see it on my dashboard is under all content. Is this just a glitch?
Thanks for the info Mario, but it's still not clear to me what decides if a certain will bring in more revenue than another: the reason why I'm asking is because a video got selected for limited distribution, while it got already way more views and shares before it even got published, then a video that went to 'Video Management'.


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@MissSunshine13, to answer your question, you do not need to delete your video from your YouTube channel. If you've given rumble the right to share the video on YouTube we will claim the existing copy, and you will see the views on your rumble dashboard from that point forward.


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@DoxiePom, The level of distribution is determined by a lot of different factors like quality, length, and shareability of the content. Not all videos are equal in this regard, and because of that you may have a video that performs very well on Rumble only under a limited license, or you may have a video that does very well on Yahoo for example.