What is Rumble.com Views Count Policy.

Hi Community any one Know what is Rumble.com View Count Policy. i am share My videos links on facebook,whatsapp groups and also email But in rumble stats only increase 5 to 6 views daily yesterday my 100+ friends watch my video but in rumble they increase only 3 views.

i am share explore bar links like below


kindly any one help me how to increase my rumble views traffic what type of link generate views bar links or Embeded Links.


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Hey @msamilodhi

The views that are reported to your account are only the monetized views, Facebook and other non-monetized views do not get counted.

To increase your revenue and views, have your friends watch your videos in Rumble. Also remember it takes about a day for
Rumble views to be updated.


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Hello guys,

Facebook views are not counted and not monetized if they happen within facebook, this is because they don't run ads in their platform yet.

You can share a Rumble link on Facebook, and it will be monetized if the viewer watches the video on Rumble or a Rumble player embedded site. You can also monetize with YouTube views if we're managing the video there, but we all know YouTube pays a lot less than rumble per views.