What is auto Syndication Tab?

It's probably part of th new features rolling out with VidCon. If "every video gets approved" I guess this is where they will get sent. But I could and am probably wrong since I am only guessing. I'm sure there will be an email explaining the new features soon.


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When I click on that, it displays a window that gives you some options allowing or not rumble to control your youtube, facebook..., channels
Homepage, under the main header.
It's only a banner showing the partners of Rumble, where your video will may get distributed.
If you select the syndication is then opens a new page asking permission for rumble to take control / be given rights to manage your channel or page on said web reference.


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@bacckstop Just wanted to clarify.

We only connect to your YouTube/Facebook/Vimeo/Dailymotion account. It DOES NOT control, manage or claim. That only depends on the licensing option you select. There are three options that DO NOT control, manage or claim your video even if you connect; Non-exclusive, Rumble Player and Not For Sale. It just allows you to upload from Rumble so you don't need to go to YouTube/Facebook and do it later :) If you select video management, then yes, we will manage and claim.

A press release will be going out this coming week. Sorry for going dark, we are still at Vidcon where we unveiled these features to a group of Rumble users (of which all Rumble users are always invited).

We also unveiled something even bigger than the auto-syndicate option, but I'll let everyone try and guess (I sort of gave it away in this post).


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Currently if you select Video Management, only Dailymotion and YouTube will be monetized. With Facebook's recent announcement, we are hoping that they will join the program as well, but they are still in BETA and still not working with Rumble on this yet.

@cseh_17 Its not Facebook monetization, but you are close.