What camera equipment are you using?


In keeping with my other thread regarding video editing equipment, I'm curious to know what camera is everyone using to record their videos?

I'm currently using a GoPro 3+ Silver, IPhone 6+ and a Nikon D3200. And I have accessories for each coming out my wazoo. It's hard to keep track of it all :)



Usually I use anything I have at my hand, the moment I see something interesting to catch on camera. But it should be one of these:
Iphone 7
GoPro 4 Silver
Sony DSC-QX10
Nikon D3100

The funny part is, although I invested a lot in the GoPro and the Sony, I never actually get to use them. In fact non of my sold videos was recorded with any of those two. (speaking of wasting money, huh? :D )


Most of my vids were captured on my iPhone - but most of those were captured before I even knew what Rumble was. Now I'm using my GoPro more and more and carry that around with me most times. But the iPhone is with me always so will likely be my most used camera. But remember - to shoot video on the iPhone, it's designed to shoot videos holding it SIDEWAYS! Lol You can tell which of my vids were earlier vids because I was holding the phone vertical.