Website of My Dog


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Hello Everyone!
I hope you all are doing well. As I said in one one the previous video that I want to add some rumble videos of you guys to my website but the site was messed up that time. So, I have just started creating it from the scratch.
The website is : & the tag line is : Stories of TYSON and his Friends.
This site is already getting many views a day cos i have mentioned it in many youtube videos and people come and visit.

If anyone of you want me to add their video and story of their pet on this website then please let me know.

Please Mention the exact video and the story related to it. You may inbox me if you want.

I hope it will be a plus plus for everyone.

@Mario , I hope this won't violet and ToC of Rumble Inc.

I will be waiting for your replies. I am already excited about this project.
I would also like you all to give your suggestions.
Right now If you will visit the site it won't look good because I have reset the website to start again.

Thank you friends :)

- Sumit