We are Moving our Library

Currently we are moving old videos from youtube onto our new Rumble page. Once we are all caught up, we hope to make this our primary location for new episodes. If all goes well here, we would love to end youtube all together. 🤞 I think there is a big gap for retro gaming content here at Rumble. At this time, our videos are the only thing you'll find if you search for "famicom".


New member
LOL - well lets see if theyll pay attention to little ol' me. Im just a lurker/observer in the FM, but I have been telling a couple of them about Rumble. Do you think Rumble is a good way of getting out from under YouTube's tyranny??
I've been trying to upload a week of videos all at once and schedule their release. But it seems that they all come up in the subscriber feed, even though they are private, and they do not come back to the top of the feed when public. So i may just have to upload daily, which means they may come out at any given time in the day.
Most of our videos are being made "ads free" I'm not sure what counts as commercial friendly. I assume it's our swearing that rumble has a problem with. Does anyone have a list of words we can't say , if we want to get monetized?