Videos Stuck In Pending


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Hi im fairly new here but im am becoming more active and will be uploading short tutorials. I just uploaded a few videos around 4 days ago and they are still stuck in the pending section. Am I doing something wrong? How long does this usually take?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Have you checked your emails ? You may have got limited distribution , if you have, you will have to click on a link from your email to accept , for your videos to go live .@NobleAddiction


I am pretty sure it has to do with the end of the year, and all the holidays. Have a bit of patience, and it will get going again :)


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My last video I uploaded got approved, but I never got an email about having to approve it so does that mean it got full distribution?


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Never mind lol I figured it out, I luckily got full distribution :) Took me a minute to figure out rumble changed the title and description.