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I just discovered the videos I've uploaded to Rumble are on Amazon. These are labeled as "free video". Am I getting 3rd party royalties for these videos since they do play ads? I wouldn't think people would go there to watch them as they are buried so deep into Amazon's site. Why are they there? Does Amazon have ambitions of some sort? There is no way to share these videos either. I am very curious about this! Does anyone know anything???
To find them, go to, hover over "Departments", go down to "Movies, Music, & Games, then hover over to "Video Shorts" in the next column. Then do a search for a title of your video or a keyword common to all/most of your videos.
I learned today from a YT stream that Amazon has ambitions about becoming some sort if a video platform for creators. I have no idea of when or how, but it is in the making
I've heard that since 2016, but today when I saw my videos on Amazon I wondered how they got there! And why?! I know they are the ones I upload to Rumble because I use a special watermark on all my Rumble Videos. Did you find any of your videos on Amazon @RebeccaStout ?


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I found many of my videos on Amazon, but never had any payment from them. Unless it's under other Profit Sharing Revenue, but should that not show up as referrer.


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Hello everyone,

We've been testing on Amazon video to increase the reach of Rumble content online, unfortunately it hasn't had the impact we've expected and we have not been able to generate any traction yet.

As they tweak their service we're hoping that their footprint increases and we can start monetizing them as we currently do with our more successful partners like MSN.

At all times we're always trying to increase the views our creators receive and we are constantly trying to increase your revenue.

Sometimes it doesn't work right off the bat but depending of how well it progresses we will either double down on our efforts or pull the plug.

@ray1876 They did file for trademark on December 5th! @Mario Thanks for the info. HANG IN THERE! It's way too early in the game! If this happens we will all be sitting pretty! Amazon does nothing halfway and it looks as if YouTube and Amazon will need to duke it out for a while. If there was a sharing feature on these videos it would be wonderful, but Amazon might have a reason. I would also like them to have "creator pages" like Rumble, YouTube, and Dailymotion have. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out!
Google and Amazon are in the middle of a vicious fight. Google got mad enough to yank their app from the Firestick. Then when people used a browser on the stick to watch Youtube they somehow blocked that for an hour the other night as a "warning" to Amazon. It's gotten crazy.

Here's how it started in a nutshell:
“Amazon doesn’t carry Google products like Chromecast and Google Home, doesn’t make Prime Video available for Google Cast users, and last month stopped selling some of Nest’s latest products,” Google said in a statement. “Given this lack of reciprocity, we are no longer supporting YouTube on Echo Show and Fire TV. We hope we can reach an agreement to resolve these issues soon.”


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You can share the videos unsing a plugin in your browser, you can also capture the URL then shorten it using or another service... That way it will be friendly to post across all social platforms, etc. BUT, if there is no gain then why do this? Just sayin... Read my other posts & follow me for all updates regarding the Rumble brand development that's is coming this week... It's going to be HUGE were taking YouTube's head...

You're a bit full on aren't you ! lol And what has this got to do with Amazon videos?