Videos not uploading at all tonight?

Hi Guys,

Is anyone else experiencing any issues uploading today? I’ve tried different videos on both my Phone, iPad and PC but the videos don’t seem to be uploading at all... the % uploaded doesn’t come up at all, and the screen says uploading but seems like nothing is happening? Just me?
Just tried a different device and managed to upload from there...wierd that it won’t work from my phone or MacBook but worked from my Lenovo PC! At least I know it still works though ?
I can no longer upload from my iPhone, but it works from my laptop. Must be something going on, I never had a problem before. I am sure they will work it out. Did you email support?
Thanks - yeah I did email support and they are looking it so yeah I’m sure they’ll figure it out..maybe it is something to do with Apple because I had the issue with my iPhone, iPad and MacBook but it uploaded from my windows based PC no problem ?


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i have started submitting via firefox as i too was having issues and was told" they will figure it out in time" when i spoke with support at apple. Same issue with downloading music from youtube creator , it no longers works for me on my mac


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I was convinced it was my internet service provider. We just can't get decent internet where I live. Even satellite. I'm happy to see that it was another issue and that it is fixed now.


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Glad to say, i was just able to upload via Safari once again. It appears the issues have been resolved, this is good, saves one from using multiple browsers to upload.


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It does seem to work now on my phone from the main webpage, but I used the Rumble app first and again after writing a long description, it failed. It’s very frustrating when the description gets lost. I will download from the site. Maybe my app isn’t updated.