Video was sold, but see no activity with it.

I received nothing about limited distribution. Sold back in September. The description hasn't change and I haven't seen anything done with it. What's up with that?


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I think read up on limited distribution. My understanding is that there is no major promotion to the big sites but that it will in time be uploaded to youtube...


Yes indeed they do. You have to accept the limited distribution. You become a mail, and you have to access the link from this mail, to confirm and activate your limited distribution,
okay, i wasn't sent anything. I just noticed it went from Rumbling to Sold when I went to go show someone how long a video can rumble, making me look stupid ;-)


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I got an email stating that my video has been approved for "Limited Distribution". Where do I go to accept this? I went to the link that was provided, but it lead me nowhere. Below is the email that was sent to me. PLEASE HELP ME! I have 30 days to respond. I went to that link and I seen nothing.

Congratulations, your content "German Shepherd has issues with a skateboard" has been approved for Limited Distribution. This means your video will be managed exclusively across all video platforms, but we can not guarantee distribution to top tier partners.

If you wish to accept Limited Distribution management by Rumble, please follow the link below within 30 days:


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You click the link and that's it. You accept limited distribution and it takes you to your videos. Nothing more required.