Video used without permission

About a year ago, rumble staff posted one of my videos without my permission and monetized it. It has done quite well and I am still waiting to hear what is going to be done about it. I was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them. I was surprised to see such a large and reputable company do something so illegal.
I messaged support and they said they will look into it, they took the video down and now I haven't heard back.
The video had well over a million views on their player.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I don't think Rumble is responsible for this. Rumble protects content creators. I think you're trying to say an user uploaded your content and Rumble took its responsibility by removing it.


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Hi @morganmitchell

Perfect, I see it now.

Can you send an email to and with this information (reference this thread and mention that you spoke to me). It looks like a creator may have licensed this to us through a manual contract went around our technology system. I can understand your frustration here if you are the rightful creator.

Never the less, we will make sure to get you all the revenue associated with it and have it transferred to your account (assuming you are the rightful owner). It may take till Tuesday to get this taken care of since its a holiday in Canada on Monday, but we will definitely make sure this is sorted out for you.

Also, as a side note. The views you see on Rumble doesn't necessarily mean the views that happened on Rumble. It also includes views that we find on YouTube (that may or may not have been monetized).
Thanks Chris. I have it on email that one of your staff admitted to uploading this video to Rumble. I am the rightful creator, planned, rehearsed and edited myself with our music students at our our non profit music school. We have 7.5 million views on YouTube, so I know the count on rumble isn't including YouTube or the views would higher.

I would appreciate any help you can offer.
I have already sent all of the info to support with no response. I can send this thread and all email correspondence to licensing.
Look forward to resolving this and working with you in the future!


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Hi @morganmitchell

Yes, it's possible and normal that our staff will upload a video when we receive a manual paper/digital contract from a creator and the creator doesn't want to create an account on Rumble (although most creators upload directly and create accounts). In rare occasions a creator might try to fraud us in this process by pretending to be the original creator (sounds like this might be the case here and we will fix it for you). Also, when referencing a YouTube video on an upload, it adds all previous views from that YouTube video URL (it doesn't show all YouTube views, just the amount referenced by URL or found).

And yes, I look forward to helping out and working together!