Video still pending

Yay! Yeah, no videos got approved this morning (at least none got uploaded to their YT channel until a few hours ago), so they're doing it now.
Haha, maybe! I still have one awaiting approval but it was uploaded on Thursday.
On the plus side, I did noticed that one of my videos got limited at 8:00am the next day after uploading, so if it isn’t going through, it will probably get full distribution :)


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Hey guys, I just posted my first video today and waiting for approval. So a total noob here :) Is there a FAQ page which explains how this process usually goes and what the 'limited distribution' means and why its less preferable (as described by you @morganmitchell)
Rumble will promote your video by putting it in their YouTube channel (with 500k subscribers) and third party sites if you get full distribution. If you get limited, you don’t usually make much money, although I have had a couple make a bit.

Hope this helps! They usually approve videos in the late morning so good luck!


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Hi I’m a first time user and I have 4 videos saying pending. Wondering what the next step is do they start rumbling or do I get an email.
It depends on which license they go 'LIVE'. When it is limited distribution you will get an email and you have to accept it or not. If it is full distribution than you don't have to do anything, it will go 'Live'on several platforms.