Video still pending

Hi everyone
I have had a video pending for 3 days and I was wondering if anyone else is seeing a delay.
They usually go through the next morning after uploading, so I was just curious if things were behind.



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Hi Morgan,

Sorry for the delay, your video has now been approved to the highest distribution tier.
Hi @Mario
I have a similar situation with my video uploaded on 28th and I'm not sure is it still in the normal approval time frame or maybe something went wrong during my upload. Can you please check?
I uploaded 2 videos on Tuesday and Wednesday morning the last one I uploaded got limited, so I deleted it. The other video is STILL pending, so I am not sure if the videos that have to get processed manually are the ones behind. I don’t like to upload more until I know what gets accepted, but that’s just me


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Back in the day it used to take weeks for videos to get approved (I've had one that took 11 weeks)... but it's really annoying that it's taking days (hopefully it won't take longer than that) again, especially because my video is being requested by another agency and it's stuck here, waiting for Rumble to make a decision... time is money!!
Yeah, my thoughts exactly! I asked because I currently have two pending videos (uploaded on September 28th, and October 2nd) and I'm hesitant to upload any more before I see how those two will perform.