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I've found multiple ways to index on google if I was embedding youtube videos, but nothing for rumble. Anyone aware of any wordpress plugins or manual instructions for wordpress for doing this? @Mario it seems I would need to generate an .xml video sitemap.
@Mario any updates on this? I don't think any embedded rumble videos are getting credit in google as video content because they aren't being indexed as such(only youtube and vimeo video sitemaps are available, as far as I can tell)


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Hi @4dogsandalittlelady,

Indexing is working as expected for me, I looked up one of your videos and it gave me the YouTube link for our channel first, then your YT channel, then MSN, Yahoo and lastly



Just a question: wouldn't it be better, for the Rumble result to show up first?
And what is needed to achieve that?
@Mario Yes, the videos themselves are working as they should. I am referring to the videos that are embedded on my website( With youtube or vimeo videos, I am able to create a sitemap for google to index my actual posts on my site as containing video content(this is very good for SEO and search rankings).

More info on video sitemaps from google:

Unfortunately, videos from rumble are currently going unrecognized as containing video content and, thus, are losing valuable search placement. Can you talk to your tech people and ask them if there is a solution for this?