Video rumbling for over a week

Hi, I have a video that I uploaded two weeks ago, and it has now been "rumbling" for over a week. I could just be being impatient, but I also noticed the views rising pretty quickly (compared to other videos I've uploaded) and they are even higher than some of my already sold videos. So shouldn't it be sold by now? Or, rejected? :) But either way, I just thought it was odd that the views were increasing the way they are, yet it is still rumbling. Thanks in advance!
I also have one that is rumbling for over one week, so it's nothing unusual with that. I think is also partially because of the holiday period.
Yayy! Mine was finally just sold for profit sharing- after two weeks. I'm still really liking Rumble, though. Thanks to the both of you for your replies and I wish you luck with your videos :)
So far my experience, the videos with an * will get only a limited distribution. But as I said, is jut my experience so far (2/2).
Comune sense! As long we are speaking, as the topics title says, about videos under the PENDING section of your account.
As I said, the * means most probably that the video will receive only limited distribution offer.