Video pending for 20 weeks- all others pending, too.

Hello, I uploaded a video in September of my two rabbits sharing a slice of watermelon. It, and the other three videos I've posted since, are all STILL pending. I have had some success with videos on here before, and they never took nearly this long to be purchased. I'd like to keep uploading and selling on Rumble here but it seems that they just remain at pending. What's the issue? Thanks in advance.
These videos were approved immediately with limited distribution, meaning that you must verify the process by clicking on the link sent to you via email.
Oh I see. Thank you very much. Unfortunately I don't have access to that email anymore (which I posted here many months ago because I wasn't getting reply via email) and switching my email doesnt work because it says I need to check my old and new email for further instructions. And I never get anything sent to the new email, it just wont switch. What a bummer.. I guess I'll just have to make a brand new account or just stop uploading all together. :(
Thank you, @winkeldinkel. That is my plan. The commenter above said my email was in fact changed and that my pending videos long approved for limited distribution are STILL pending, so yes my email was changed but I never got the links to click in my new, updated email so I guess I do have no choice but to just stop uploading or create a new account. At this point, though, I'm thinking finding another video uploading site to earn money would be best for me. THanks again, everyone.
Yes when you have a screwup like that it's best to start fresh with a new email and account. I have lost access to former email accounts and I know what a pain it can be. What happens to a lot of people is the emails go to the spam box and you never see them. Best of luck with your uploads!
Yeah they're still pending and since they were only approved for limited distribution, its not a huge loss, but still very very disappointing that i will never see any of that money and living below poverty level, being severely disabled, and having my husband just dianosed with a terminal illness our illinois medicaid wont pay to treat, every penny counts and now RUmble owns them with no benefit to me. So I may or may not make a new account. Thanks anyway though for all the very helpful info and advice. I hope you have a great day!
So sorry to hear of all your hardships. Praying for you and your husband. I can understand why every dollar counts. Best wishes and I hope you can earn some money!