Video no longer appearing in Trending list


A recent video of mine finally sold and was doing quite well, so well in fact, that it appeared in the Trending videos section and was on the front page of Rumble under Trending Videos. The revenue from the video was doing quite well and then suddenly stopped. I've realized that my vid no longer appears anywhere in the Trending Videos section, and the revenue stopping seems to coincide with this. My video currently has 30,370 views on Rumble and should appear between the Maltese Mix pups and the Ever hear a puppy bark like this before vids on the front page. It was listed right after the Maltese pups, but has now surpassed them in views and should appear before. But my vid is nowhere to be found now in Trending. I'm curious to know why my video has disappeared from this section? I believe it's directly effected potential earnings as a result.

Here's the video :


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One possibility is trending is usually time sensitive and so anything over a certain time frame gets replaced. This has been my experience a few times. It is fun while it is trending, cute video!


Initially I thought that as well, but my video only sold around a week ago and really spiked about 4-5 days ago. It was in the last spot on the main page in Top Trending, but now it's no where to be found in trending. At 31K in views over last 5 days, it should be right there on the main page getting lots of views. But for some reason it's gone. I would think even if a video was a year old, if it suddenly shot up in popularity and views, it would be "trending". There's a cute husky video in trending that's showing 5 weeks at 11k in views. So I'm not sure what's going on. (Btw - glad you like the vid! :) )


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That escape artist video was awesome. Can we get it back on the front page?
I'd love to see more of that dog!