Video is shared a lot of times, but no views counted?

I noticed, one of my videos has been shared about 400times on Facebook and also on other platforms.

View count is in total only 707...that sounds like almost none compared to how often it was shared?!?
Does anyone have similar problems and solutions for that? Here is the video I am talking about.

I is strange...isn't it?
Hi, @ZangPong Thanks for reaching out. Facebook views do not translate into earnings directly. Posting directly to Facebook, without the link back to Rumble, makes no one any money. If it's embedded and there used the rumble links, than you definitely get all the clicks, but that should show up on the rumble player views.

If you require additional information, please, let me know.
Ok then Ratka7, that begs the question then doesn't it? Why does Rumble do it this way? You have the capability to post back to the Rumble player, and still have the vid show up nicely on FB. Why? Seems like a bad way of doing things when you know if Rumble posts back to the Rumble player we all make money.


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I wondered the same. I assume Facebook does not allow embedded video to be used in certain ways? I know they have posted that this may change in the near future.
@Spitfire Not all Rumble videos can be directly uploaded on Facebook. It all depends on the contract you've signed up with Rumble for a particular video.

I hope this clarifies your concerns.
AHAH! Just one minute ago, you guys (Rumble) did exactly what I've been trying to explain. All videos appearing on the Rumble Facebook page have been uploaded to FB. The videos play within FB itself. There's no monetization for this. Now I see you've posted a video - Adorable Toddler Stops Crying As Soon As Daddy Gives Him A Diaper - that links back to Rumble which IS monetized. Very nice. This may all change now with mickeysutube link he posted, but in the interim, how you've posted the Adorable Toddler should net the video creator and Rumble some $$.