Video file type?

I'm attempting to post a video here (1h video) but its not letting me drag and drop...
is it because its too long or does it require MP4 type or some other file type?


Creator Support Team
Staff member
We require that you have at least one approved video under an exclusive license before allowing the upload of videos longer than 15 minutes. This video can be of any length under 15 minutes.

Once a video has been approved for full distribution you will be able to upload videos of longer video duration.

We do this to reduce spam.
Videos are approved within 1-3 business days as we select which distribution level they will receive.

For more answers you can take a look at our most frequently asked questions.
Mario, if you could give me 1 or 2 suggestions on how to better get full distribution ... what would they be ?

PS... I have read via the FAQ's. I want to ask you for just one or two suggestions.

Thank you Mario !