Video descriptions for Rumble


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You can also accept limited, then use the footage to make a new version of the video AND a better narrative or title. Obviously, you want to improve the video significantly as well as the title and narrative though.
I've still been keeping my descriptions a bit shorter than 300. If I force out a 300 word description, does that help at all in getting accepted for full distribution or no? I stopped doing my short punchy descrips of course, but I was just wondering.


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It’s easier if you read a few of the other narrative descriptions. That will give you some ideas. It’s not usually difficult.
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Online search engines have recently made changes to their requirements for video descriptions. We want to make sure our creator’s videos have an edge for a wider distribution. To achieve this, when you select our video management license we suggest our creators write around 300 words. Composed of a description with relevant tags to help identify videos on their specific topic.

A 400 word descriptive paragraph will work extremely well to increase our ranking on online search engines.

We currently work very hard to leverage our content and our distribution network to over 100 million users a month. In an effort to make your videos more appealing to search engines we need to start requesting video descriptions from all of our creators.

Rumble Creators are constantly asking us what they can do to improve their video’s chances of going viral. So here you go; one more tip to increase your chances of becoming an Internet Superstar.

When you upload a video to Rumble make sure to add a good description of about 400 words including descriptive tags, not only will it help you, but not doing so will put you at a disadvantage over other creators getting a higher search rank with search engines locating their content first.

In terms of setting a format for writing your descriptions:

1) Put the primary reason for watching (synopsis/call to action) within the first section of the description.

2) Anything you want people to see when they watch your videos on Rumble should be included right after that

3) Be careful with double line breaks (paragraphs) in your descriptions, we strongly discourage them because it may stop search engines from reading the full description.

4) More importantly: keep your title descriptive and appealing.

5) Lastly, don’t forget to add relevant tags.

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My last four videos that got accepted for full distribution all had much less than 300 words. So it looks like it's more about the video and not how long the description is.
It's not about being or not important. It is about a gut SEO and how Google will index you video. It is in everybody's good interest, that the videos rank good on Google and get a good display.