Video descriptions for Rumble


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Thanks SloggerVlogger.
One of the things that surprised me is the changes to the narratives that often accompany the ads imbedded in the narrative.
I was hoping that we'd see a little revenue of that too. Maybe we'll see that change down the road....


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@Mario I'm a bit disheartened this morning. It's great that I've got another video accepted to full, but I do spent hours on my descriptions so I get 300 words or close to the 300 words ( words don't come easy for me and it takes me a while) . I understand that Rumble changes the descriptions afterwards. I'm OK with that too, but to see it got changed now to only two lines of description, that was a blow when you spent so much time on it. I tried given enough info, so the one who changes the description got enough there to be able to change it. Makes me think is it really worth it for us trying to get to 300 words if it get changed to two lines?


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@sloggervloggersloggervlogger This also happened in my recent video ,but don't worry they changed it on the second day with a big description .
It may be possible the longer descriptions are still somehow connected to the video like tags. I think the longer descriptions help with search engines. I don't know if the descriptions are embedded somehow but hopefully all that work will still help your video have a higher chance working through the search engines.


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I figure they must know what they are doing. One of my videos had a recent title and narrative change a few months after upload and it got over 100,000 extra views in the month or two that followed.
I like when they don't change my work too but I really care more about success so I try to pay attention to what they might have been looking for.


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@DavidMcNab As I said, I don't mind them changing my title or description either. I prefer it if they do, as English is not my first language. So my grammar/spelling is not that great. I was just disappointed in the fact that it got changed to a two liner when it said it was important to have 300 words. Anyway, it's all sorted as they've redone the description. So they obviously thought the same.
No one has answered one of the posters question about Tags. When I upload, it says I need 5 tags. That is nothing ... so am I understanding that correctly? Can it be 2 and 3 word phrases? And we do separate them with comma's correct?
I wanted to ask about the 300 word descriptions. I recently had a video accepted for full and it was selected for the front page. I have a very short description because I was actually unsure of how important it was to be 300 words. I assume that one is okay regardless? I looked back and actually several of my vids have ridiculously short descriptions. Can I and should I go back and edit those to 300 and also edit the tags? I don't see where I can.
It's such a shame we can't go back and edit the descriptions of older videos in our accounts (if that would help us in anyway). Here i was keeping it brief to give the video a more powerful and eye grabbing punch.
had my latest shortened to 2 lines from the 300ish words requested. As long as it gets profit status its all good by me, but its funny how we work on getting all the info etc together to have it all tossed aside.


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They changed my big descriptions to a sentence or two, as well... it's very frustrating! I mean, why should we even bother, then?! And even if they change it later on, they deleted everything you said about the actual video, so their new description will not contain the important information you included in the first place.
Ok, so I will reopen this conversation, because many users complain, but also because I saw this happening for my own videos.
As the new rules rolled in, about the 300 words description, most of us tried to keep us between the borders and squeeze out that 300+- words description. As other colleagues also said, it is time-consuming. The problem is after the videos get accepted, this long description gets replaced, with one sentence. Questions:

Is this normal?
Why is this happening?
How long, to get back the or a new propper description?

The problem is, that I really see the effect of this description thing, in my numbers.
Hi everyone! We encourage 300 word descriptions to help gain material on which to draw from for the video. However, we ask that you please respect the editorial process on which our videos are based, which is usually 2-3 sentences. Thanks!
Ok, i'm a little confused about something maybe someone can help. I've read that there's a chance that if you retitle and rewrite your description after a video gets accepted for limited that sometimes it can get changed to full. My question is, in order to do this do you have to delete the video from you account and reupload or can you just edit and submit?