video declined, just one complaint


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my last video I sent to rumble here
was declined for copyright reasons,

but all the videos I upload here are my own.
and the main reason I send video here on rumble
is exactly protecting my videos from plagio.
but this video in specific,
about 1h after I posted him,
well before rumble approved him,
he was already being shared on major news portals,
the example of G1 here in Brazil, where it was shared by whatsapp.

I'm really sad about that
I just think rumble should protect its creators more.
because many invest heavily in filler equipment,
and put all this investment in the hands of rumble here,
so he can take care of your footage.
Alright, it was just a lost video, I can do several others.
but rumble could do some updating to better protect its content creators